Member Type: Entity Definition

Member Type: Entity Definition



  • Name - Name of the the Member Type.
  • Type - This field determines whether the member type will be for contacts or accounts. 
  • Membership Activation - This controls whether or not manual intervention is required to set a membership to active. Setting this flag to Automatic (default) tells the system to automatically change a membership from pending/provisional to active once the application is completed. Manual requires staff to periodically review completed applications and manually activate the memberships.
  • Display in Directory - Allows you to control which member types are displayed in the membership directory on the portal, if one exists.
  • Order Source - This field determines the source of the Order. If this field is not set, the system will default to the default member application order source entered on the Settings entity.
  • Note: For more details on the Order Source Functionality, click here.


  • Application Form - This lookup field allows you to link custom questions to the membership application.
  • Display on Portal - This controls whether contacts can view this Member Type on the Portal. 
  • Terms - This text area allows you to enter the terms and conditions that applicants must accept when completing the online membership application.


  • Toolbar that allows you to view and/or edit the fees due as part of the application process for this Member Type. For more information about application fees click here. 


  • Toolbar that allows you to view and/or create requirements that must be fulfilled in order for an application for this Member Type to be approved. For more information about membership requirement click here
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