Membership Application Fee: Entity Definition

Membership Application Fee: Entity Definition



  • Name - Name of the fee.
  • Member Type - The member type the fee is linked to.
  • Product - The product lookup simply ties the application fee to a product in the product catalog. If this is included, this product will be added to the membership application order. If you do not charge a fee for applying for membership, this can be left blank.
  • Display Name - This is the name that appears on the portal and the membership application wizard.
  • Dues Option - The dues option lookup ties the application fee to a dues option. Including this option allows you to charge an applicant for dues products at the time of application but does not create a dues item. Even if the dues option has $0 products it must be linked here for the wizard to function properly.  
  • System Query - Query used to define who will view and be eligible for this Membership Application Fee.

Membership Expiration Settings

These fields determine the expiration date of the membership that is created as part of the membership application process. 
  • Duration Type - This can either be dated or termed. Dated indicates that the expiration is fixed (e.g. December 31st of each year). Termed indicates that the expiration date will be set X years/months/weeks/days from the creation of the membership.
    • Dated
      • Date - The date the membership will expire.
      •  Number of Years - Tells the system how many years the membership will be valid. 
      •  For example, if you want the expiration date to be January 1st of next year, you put in 0101 as the date and 0 for number of years. If today is 12/07/2015, the expiration date will be 01/01/2016. If you want the date to be 01/01/2017, you  change the number of years to 1. 
    • Termed
      • Term - Numeric value for the term
      • Term Units - Length value for the term (Years, Months, Weeks, Days)
      •  For example, if you want the membership to be 12 months, you would enter 12 for term and select Months for  term unit. 
Note - If you are setting expiration dates or end dates in Membership Dynamics, remember that the date represents midnight of the day selected. If you want your memberships to expire at the end of the year/month, set the date field to the first day of the following year/month (e.g. 01/01/2013 not 12/31/2012).
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