Meeting: Entity Definition

Meeting: Entity Definition



  • Name - The name of the Meeting. This is what attendees will see on their portal.
  • Begin Date - The date the meeting begins.
  • End Date - The date the meeting ends. Must be after the Begin Date.
  • Full Day - This field determines how the meeting will look on the calendar on the portal.
  • Invitation Only - If this radio button is toggled to yes, only the contacts returned in the query for the meeting will be able to register.
  • Preview Summary -- Information as part of the quick glance description
  • Subject - A look up field where you can select or create new subjects for meetings
  • Organizer - The user planning the meeting.
  • Order Source - This field determines the source of the Order. If this field is not set, the system will default to the default meeting order source entered on the Settings entity.

Note: For more details on the Order Source Functionality, click here.


  • Include a description of the meeting here.


  • Location - Location Name
  • Street 1 - Street Address 1
  • Street 2 - Street Address 2
  • Street 3 - Street Address 3
  • City - Location City
  • State/Province - Location State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code - Location Zip/Postal Code
  • Country - Location Country


  • A tool bar where you can view the number of Attendees, Companions, and Current Waitlist. You can also add meeting registrations here.



  • End Date - The day registration ends; end users will no longer be able to register after this date.
  • Begin Date - The day registration begins.
  • Publish to Portal - A radio button that distinguishes if users can register for this meeting through the portal.
  • Allow Group Registration - If Yes, one user can register other contacts in the system. 
  • Maximum - The maximum number of people allowed to register for the Meeting.
  • System Query - Query used if meeting if invitation only to select which member types/members will be able to register for the meeting.

Note: all users can add companions to their meeting registration -- companions are guests, spouses, and children. The difference between registering a companion and registering another contact in the system is that the companion registration will be tied to the contact's registration, whereas registering  another contact in the system will create two separate meeting registrations.


  • Allow Waitlist - A radio button that distinguishes if a Meeting will maintain a waitlist.
  • Auto Promotion Cutoff - date system will stop automatically adjusting the registration to fill in canceled spots from the waitlist. 
  • Allow Activity Registration - You can allow users to register for meeting activities while on the waitlist.


  • Refund Deadline: You can set a date that limits when a member can bet a refund for cancelling their registration.
  • No Refund Product - This works as the cancellation fee. You can look up to the product with the fee you want to charge for late application.
  • Customer Cancelation E-mail Template - The e-mail sent to the customer when the registration is canceled. 
  • Customer E-mail -The e-mail sent to the customer when the registration is canceled.
  • Organizer E-mail - The e-mail sent to the organizer when the registration is canceled.


  • Outside Provider - Select yes if another provider is offering or running the meeting.
  • Message - In the alert box on the portal, a message will appear saying Offered by Another Provider. After that sentence, a staff member can provide more details in the alert box, if desired.
  • Link - This field is where the staff user can specify a website to the outside provider or a website to something that may be pertinent to the meeting. Clicking on the More Information button on the portal will open the website specified in this field.

This is what the alert box would look like on the portal, if the Outside Provider field were set to Yes and a link and message were provided:


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