Meeting Activity: Entity Definitions

Meeting Activity: Entity Definitions



  • Name - The name of the meeting activity. This is what attendees will see on the portal.
  • Activity Type - Choose between Activity and Session.
    • Activity - An activity that occurs during the Meeting, but is unrelated to the Meeting topic (such as a golf outing).
    • Session - An activity that occurs during the meeting that is related to the Meeting topic (such as a lecture).
  • Meeting - A look up to the meeting related to the activity. This will automatically populate if you start from the meeting record.
  • Full Day - This field determines how the meeting will look on the calendar on the portal. If set to Yes then only the date displays, if set to No then the portal will show the begin and end times below.
  • Begin Date & Time - The day and time that the meeting activity starts.
  • End Date & Time- The day and time that the meeting activity ends.
  • Location - Text field to include a location which could be an address or conference room number for the activity.
  • Require RSVP - Toggle this field to Yes to require an RSVP from the attendees. If toggled to No, attendees will not have to register to attend the meeting activity which essentially makes it open to everyone and you won't have registration records. 
  • Publish to Portal - Toggle this to Yes for this Activity to show on the portal or in the Meeting Registration Wizard.
  • Maximum Attendance - Fill in the maximum number of attendees for this activity.
  • Description - Provide a description of the meeting activity which will be displayed on the portal for customers to view.


  • Maximum Attendance - Set a maximum attendance limit for the activity. This will count meeting activity registrations, so to use this limit you must set the RSVP field to Yes.
  • Is Waitlist Allowed - Set as Yes to allow people to register for a waitlist once the maximum capacity is reached. Set as No to stop any registration after reaching maximum capacity.
  • Waitlist Promotion Cutoff Date - If allowing a waitlist you can set the date when you will stop promoting people on the waitlist to the activity registration. If left blank the meeting registration fee end date will be used.


  • Refund Deadline Date - If you want to limit when refunds can be given for this activity set the date here. If refunds should never be allowed set the date to before the meeting registration opens. If nothing is set then the meeting record dates will be used.
  • A subgrid to view and manage meeting activity registration fees.  You can also add new registrations fees here, but you can only have on fee for each meeting registration fee.


A subgrid to view and manage meeting activity speaker records related to this activity.


A subgrid to view and manage the meeting activity registrations for this activity.


A subgrid to view and manage the waitlisted meeting activity registrations for this activity.

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