Meeting Registration: Entity Definition

Meeting Registration: Entity Definition



  • Contact - The name of the person registered
  • Meeting - The meeting for which the contact is registered.
  • Registration - A link to the Registration for the contact.
Note: Registrations and Meeting Registrations are different. A Registration records which contact did the act of registering. A Meeting Registration records who was registered. If one person registers multiple attendees, there will be one Registration and multiple Meeting Registrations. 
  • Registered By - This field will autofill with the name of the user who created the registration if done on the portal it will be System Administrator
  • Registration Fee - the fee for which the contact fits.
  • Badge Name - The name that will display on the contact's badge.
  • Form Response - This is a lookup to a form response, if applicable.
  • Badge Name - A field where attendees can designate the name they want on their name badge for the meeting.
  • Attended Meeting - A toggle to specify whether or not the attendee has attended the meeting.
  • Hide on Portal - This field controls whether contacts can view the class registration on the portal. 


  • Waitlisted - Toggle this field to Yes to put the contact on the waitlist.
  • Waistlist Number - If the Waitlisted field is toggled to Yes, and the max attendance is reached, this number will auto-populate with the next available number in the waitlist.


  • Tool bar that allows you to view and/or create registrations for Meeting Activities and Sessions for the Contact.


  • Tool bar that allows you to view and/or create registrations for Classes associated with the meeting for the Contact


  • Tool bar that allows you to view and/or create registrations for Companions of the Contact for the Meeting.


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