Membership Application: Entity Definition

Membership Application: Entity Definition



  • Account - The Account tied to the Membership.
  • Contact - The Contact tied to the Membership.
Note: Only one of these fields should be populated at a time.
  • Application Fee - The fee an applicant pays for this membership. This fee can be $0 but must exist in order to filter applicants properly on the portal.
  • Member Type - The member type associated with this application.
  • Date Submitted - The date the application was submitted.
  • Terms Accepted - The date the applicant accepted the terms and conditions for the membership.
  • Membership - The membership associated with this application.
  • Form Response - If the Member Type has an application form, this field will store the applicant's response to the questions on the form. 
  • Payment Plan - If during the application process, the customer elected to give recurring payments, this field will be populated with the Recurring Payment Plan for the customer.


  • Toolbar that allows you to view and/or create requirements associated the Membership Application and the status of those requirements.
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