Recurring Payment Profile: Entity Definition

Recurring Payment Profile


Description: The Recurring Payment Profile entity stores the payment information for members who have elected for their membership payments to be automatically withdrawn from their accounts at regular time periods. If a member's information changes, this record will have to be updated in order for the funds to continue to be automatically withdrawn from the member's bank account. 

Use: Stores information about the profile, that can be updated through the Portal or in CRM through the workflows.



  • Name - The name of the Recurring Payment Profile
  • Profile ID - A unique identifier for the Recurring Payment Profile
  • Contact - A lookup to the contact for which this Recurring Payment Profile Exists. 
  • Status Reason - Indicates whether the Recurring Payment Plan is Active (currently in use) or pending (has been created but is not yet in use).

Credit Card:

These fields store the credit card and billing information for the contact. 

  • Credit Card Type - Type of credit card that will be used for the payment plan.
  • Credit Card Number - The Credit Card Number.
  • Credit Card Expiration - The date on the card that it expires.

Note: The Credit Card Number and CSC Code are obfuscated. The last four digits of the Credit Card Number are stored. The CSC code is not stored.


Note: Some payment processors allow for emails to be sent to the e-mail address in the Billing Email field.

  • First Name - The contact's first name.
  • Last Name - The contact's last name.
  • E-mail - the contact's e-mail address.
  • Sames As - Specifies whether the Mailing Address needs to be written or can be pulled from the Parent Customer Mailing or Billing Address.
  • Street 1 - The contact's Street 1 Address.
  • Street 2 - The contact's Street 2 Address. An example would include an Apartment or Suite number.
  • City - The contact's City.
  • State/Province - The contact's State/Province. This field is a lookup to the available State or Province records. The Country field will determine whether State or Provinces records will be available to chose from.
  • State/Province - A place for the abbreviation for the full state or province name. 
  • Zip/Postal Code - The contact's zip/postal code.
  • Country - The contact's Country. This field is a lookup to the available Country records. This field can be set in the Settings Entity to auto-populate with a country.


  • Toolbar where you can view and/or create Payment Plans associated with this Payment Profile. 


  • Cancel Recurring Profile: Cancel this Payment Profile and stop future recurring payments.  Depending on your setup, this workflow will be available from the Recurring Payment Plan entity or the Recurring Payment Profile entity.

  • Create/Update Recurring Profile - Change the information on the Payment Profile in CRM, and run this workflow to update the information in the Payment Processor. Depending on your setup, this workflow will be available from the Recurring Payment Plan entity or the Recurring Payment Profile entity.
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