Scheduled Payment: Entity Definition

Scheduled Payment



Description: The Scheduled Payment Information entity stores the payment information for members who have elected for their membership payments to be automatically withdrawn from their accounts at regular time periods. If a member's information changes, this record will have to be updated in order for the funds to continue to be automatically withdrawn from the member's bank account. 

Use: Stores information about the profile, that can be updated through the Portal or in CRM through the workflows.



  • Account - A lookup to the Account for which the Scheduled Payment exists
  • Payment Profile ID - A unique identifier for the Scheduled Payment.
  • Contact - A lookup to the contact for which this Scheduled Payment  Exists. 
  • Status - Indicates whether the Scheduled Payment  is Active (currently in use) or pending (has been created but is not yet in use).

NOTE: You can only select an Account or Contact, not both. 


  • Card Number - The 16 digit number on the card.
  • Expiration Date - The expiration date on the card.
  • Card Type - The type of card.
  • CSC Code - The code on the back of the card used as an additional validation of the card and its user.

Note: The Credit Card Number and CSC Code are obfuscated. The last four digits of the Credit Card Number are stored. The CSC code is not stored.


  • Name on Card - The name on the card. Will often match the contact or account associated with the payment, but not always.
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