Order: Entity Definition

***Note: The following screenshots may not be identical to the view you experience in CRM. Forms for entities are highly customizable and so you may see fewer fields, or see them displayed in a different order. To edit fields on an entity form click here for details.

Order: Entity Definition


  • Order ID - This is the numberic unique identifier of the Order. This field will be auto-populated after the first save of the Order.
  • Name - This is the name of the Order. It will populate the header once you save or save changes.
  • Currency - This field is a lookup to the currency record. If you only accept US Dollar then that may be the only currency. If you accept multiple currency you can set alternaive currency in this field.
  • Price List - This field is a lookup to the existing price list records. A new price list can also be created. Price list comes from the contact or account record.
  • Prices Locked - Determines whether or not the price on products is locked or editable.
    • Note that this field is read-only. You cannot enable or disable Prices Locked by trying to switch this toggle.
  • Order Source - This field determines the source of the Order. Order sources can specify logic for how processes handle processing payment for orders. Order source is not required if you simply want the order to be paid through the payment processor with no other consideration. Order source is very important if you want to enforce rules about completing an application before paying an order or being able to edit optional products.
  • Payment Restricted - Payment for an order may be restricted due to an error or because a process is still in progress. If this is marked Yes then the order will not be available in any payment processing wizard or on the portal.
  • Hide on Portal - The order can be made unavailable for portal payment but still accessible on the process payment wizard and payment wizards in CRM by setting this toggle to Yes. Default is No.
  • Class Registration - A lookup to a related class registration if the order is created by the creation of a class registration either through the registration wizard or by manually creating a class registration record.
  • Meeting Registration -  A lookup to a related meeting registration if the order is created by the creation of a meeting registration either through the registration wizard or by manually creating a meeting registration record.
  • Meeting Booth - A lookup to a related Meeting Booth record.
  • Tax Postal Code - Postal code pulled from contact or account record which will be used to determine the correct tax table for taxable products. This can be edited if needed to reflect a different tax table.
  • Has Pending Payment - Payments are processed asynchronously so while a customer gets a receipt right away the payment may still be going through the process of being applied to an order in CRM. Once payment is made this field is set to Yes which will remove this order from the Process Payment wizard and Payment Wizard so that it cannot be paid again while payment processes. (If you unapply the payment and attempt to reapply and can't find the order this is a good field to check and switch to No if it has not already been switched).


  • Requested Delivery - Date order is requested to be delivered.
  • Date Fulfilled - Date on which the Order was fulfilled (automaticailly completes when order status becomes fulfilled)


  • Shipping Method - Method of shipment for the Order.
  • Payment Terms - Option set to select specific payment terms.
  • Freight Terms - Option set to select FOB or No Charge


  • Bill To Address - The Address fields will pop up to the right to allow you to enter billing address information if you need it on the order.
  • Ship To - Toggle between Address and Will Call. If set to Address then a Ship To Address field shows below. If set to Will Call then no Ship Address will be available.
  • Ship To Address - If Ship To = Address then you can enter a shipping address in the pop up to the right just like you can for the billing address.


  • Toolbar that allows you to view products related to the order followed by detailed discount, shipping and tax costs for order
    • Detail Amount - Total line item amount for the Order.
    • Discount (%) - Discount specified as a percentage for the Order.
    • Discount - Discount specified as a monetary amount for the Order.
    • Pre-Freight Amount - Total price minus the freight charges for the Order.
    • Freight Amount - Cost of freight for the Order.
    • Total Tax - Total tax for the Order.
    • Total Amount - Total price for the Order.
    • Invoice Balance - A calculated field that will display the invoice balance if there is a related invoice.


  • Create activities or notes associated with the order record. 


  • Opportunity - A lookup to an existing opportunity record. A new opportunity can also be created.
  • Quote - A lookup to an existing quote record. A new quote can also be created.
  • Potential Customer - A lookup to the contact record associated with this record.
  • Owner - The CRM User responsible for the sale of the Order or who created the order record.
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