Order Product: Entity Definition

Order Product: Entity Definition




  • Select Product - Radio button to select between an Existing Product or Write In Product.
  • Existing Product - Required only if Select Product is set to Existing. This is where you lookup the desired Product in the Product Catalog. 
  • Write-In Product -  Required only if Select Product is set to Write-In. This is where the Ad-hoc Write-In Product is named.
  • Unit - The unit of measure. This will almost always be Primary Unit.


  • Pricing - Radio button to select between Use Default (thedata already in the system for product pricing) or Override Price (set new pricing for the product).
  • Price Per Unit - The cost per one unit of the Order Product. This field is required for Write In Products. 
  • Volume Discount - Volume discount amount for the order product. If applicable, this field will be auto-populated.
  • Quantity - This field specifies how many units of the Order Product the Order should be for.
  • Amount - The initial product of Price Per Unit, Volume Discount and Quantity.
  • Manual Discount -  A Write-In discount that can be applied to the Order Product. 
  • Tax - The total Tax to be calculated on the Order Product. If tax is applicable, this field should be auto-populated with the appropriate amount.
  • Extended Amount - The Amount less Manual Discount plus Tax. This is the final cost of the Order Product.


  • Requested Date - For delivery purposes, the date that the Order Product is being requested.
  • Salesperson - The CRM User responsible for the sale of the Order Product.


  • Shipped - Quantity shipped for the product specified on the order.
  • Back Ordered - Quantity that has been backordered for the order product.
  • Canceled - Quantity that was canceled for the order product.


Ship To Address

  • Ship To - Radio button selecting whether the Order Product will be sent to the Customer's Address or the Customer will pick up the Order Product via Will Call
  • Address Information - The address information necessary to ship the Order Product.
  • Fright Terms - Freight terms for the shipping address.
  • Address Contact - Contact name for the shipping address.
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