Recurring Payment Plan: Entity Definition

Description: Stores the information about a recurring payment plan in CRM, as used by the Payment Processor. This includes the Pay Period, number of payments, start date of the plan, and the amount of the charges. The information in the Payment Plan is used to create the charges.

Payment Plans are created from the Plan Options which serve as the blueprint for the Payment Plans. Payment Plans are created from the information on the Plan Option chosen, and the dates are dependent on whether it was an application or renewal, and whether the first payment was prepaid or not, and whether there was an uneven amount when splitting the total amounts. The Plan Charges on the Payment Plan will show a clearer picture than the date on the Payment Plan.

Use: Stores information about the plan, that can be updated through the Portal or in CRM through the workflows. Also is related to the Recurring Payment Plan Charges that show charges that have already occurred or are scheduled to occur, for how much, and if the charges succeeded or failed or were canceled.


General Tab

  • Name - The name of the Recurring Payment Plan.
  • Status Reason - Indicates whether the Recurring Payment Plan is Active (currently in use) or pending (has been created but is not yet in use).
  • Payment Profile - A lookup to the Recurring Payment Profile for the member. For more details on the Recurring Payment Profile entity including field descriptions, click here.
  • Pay Period - The Pay Period (frequency) of this Payment Plan. Note: the Pay Period Code will depend upon the payment processor. Ex: a Monthly pay period may have a Pay Period Code of MONT.
  • Start Date - The start date of the first recurring payment. Note that this date on the Payment Plan may not match when the person signed up for the plan since the first payment may have had been charged immediately at the time of application/renewal. The Start Date only defines the start date as the Payment Processor would show.
  • End Date - The end of the plan. Note: This is not currently used for Payflow Pro as the end date is configured through Payflow Pro and not CAMS.
  • Term - The number of recurring payments that will be made. Note: this might not match the Number of Payments on the Plan Option this Payment Plan was created from if the member elected to submit a payment at the time of application/renewal or the first payment was of a different amount than subsequent payments.
  • Amount - The amount of the recurring payment.
  • Order - A lookup to the order to the first payment of the Recurring Payment Plan.


  • Create/Sync Recurring Charges - Will create or sync the Plan Charges on the Payment Plan.
  • Cancel Recurring Profile: Cancel this Payment Profile and stop future recurring payments.  Depending on your setup, this workflow will be available from the Recurring Payment Plan entity or the Recurring Payment Profile entity.

  • Create/Update Recurring Profile - Change the information on the Payment Profile in CRM, and run this workflow to update the information in the Payment Processor. Depending on your setup, this workflow will be available from the Recurring Payment Plan entity or the Recurring Payment Profile entity.
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