Recurring Payment Plan Charge: Entity Definition

Recurring Payment Plan Charge: Entity Definition


Description: Stores information about when charges have occur/will occur, and for how much, for a Payment Plan.

Use: To view historical charges and future scheduled charges. Can also be used to charge an Ad Hoc payment to a Payment Profile/Plan. 



  • Name - The name of the Recurring Payment Plan Charge.
  • Recurring Payment Plan - The corresponding Payment Plan for this Plan Charge.
  • Payment - The Payment created as a result of a successful Plan Charge.
  • Type - Categorizes the Charges as follows:
    • Initial - The charge was made at the time of application/renewal.
    • Scheduled - The charge was/is scheduled to be charged as part of the recurring Payment Plan, i.e., was not immediately charged.
    • AdHoc - These charges are made in addition to the charges defined by the information on the Payment Plan. They can be used by your staff to charge Ad Hoc payments to a Payment Plan/Profile, or by the system for a first scheduled payment if when splitting the total amount led to an uneven first amount.
  • Scheduled Date: The date of the charge (can in the past or in the future).
  • Payment Number: First payment, second payment, 3rd payment, etc. (Not currently used for Payflow Pro.)
  • Amount: The amount charged/scheduled to charge.


  • Check Recurring Charge - Check the status of a Plan Charge to see if it succeeded or failed.
  • Process Ad Hoc Plan Charge - After creating an Ad Hoc Plan Charge, this workflow can be run on the Plan Charge to immediately process it to charge the Profile/Plan the amount on the Ad Hoc.
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