Batch Definition: Entity Definition

Batch Definition: Entity Definition



CAMS allows you to create Batches, which group accounting transactions based on defined logic. The hierarchy of logic first uses manual batch assignment on the payment and refund records, then batch definitions, and finally the default batch. Below is the entity definition for batch definitions, the second tier of logic in the hierarchy.



General Tab

  • Name - The name of the Batch Definition.
  • Prefix - Enter a prefix to appear as the Batch ID when generated. The ID will follow the convention of “[prefix]MDDYYYY." For example, the default prefix for invoices is INV, and default batches for invoices appear as “INVMMDDYYYY.”
  • Sort Order - If more than one Batch Definition exists, this field designates the order in which the Batch Definition queries are evaluated.
  • Entity - The entity for which this Batch Definition applies. Ex: Invoices.
Note: In order for Batch Definitions to work, a Query must exist. For Batch Definition setup instructions, click here:Batch Setup


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