User: Entity Definition

User: Entity Definition



Account Information

  • User Name - The name of the User in the Active Directory.

User Information 

  • Full Name - The full name of the User.
  • Title - The title of the User.
  • Primary E-mail - The primary e-mail of the user, must be filled in to link CRM to your e-mail account.
  • Mobile Phone - The mobile phone number of the User.
  • Main Phone - The main phone number of the User.



  • This view is a place to see the user's most recent posts. 


  • The toolbar allows you to view and/or add team associations to the User.

Queues I'm a member of 

  • This view allows you to see the queues the User belongs to.


Organization Information

  • Site - The website associated with the organization.
  • Territory - A look up to current territory records or where one can be created.
  • Business Unit - Will be updated when the record is saved.
  • Manager - Will be updated if there is information from the User's account for this field.

Queue Information

  • Default Queue - All users have a default queue and this is usually created and filled in when the user is created. 


User Information 

  • Home Phone - The home phone of the user.
  • Other Phone - Any other phone number associated with the user.
  • Email 2 - You may include a secondary email address.
  • Preferred Phone - Can be selected if you have multiple phone records.
  • Mobile E-mail Alert - 
  • Pager - A pager number for the user. 

Mailing Address

  • Preferred Address - If the user has multiple addresses you can set the preferred address here.
  • Address - An address associated with the user.
  • Other Address - Another address associated with the user. 





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