Chapter Setup

Cobalt offers the ability for individuals to join geographically-based chapters as part of the membership process. This article will walk you through the steps to set up this functionality for your customers to use. 

Setup in CRM

Create Chapter Types

The first step in setting up Chapters is to create Chapter Types. The Chapter Type entity allows you to organize Chapters into categories such as regional or local. 

  1. Navigate to Membership > Chapters.
  2. In the ribbon, click New.
  3. In the look up field for Chapter Type click open the look up window and select +New.
  4. Type the Name of the Chapter Type.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Now you are ready to name the chapter associated with this Chapter Type. When you add additional chapters you will be able to select this Chapter Type from the lookup field and also see which other chapters fall under the Chapter Type.

Create Chapters

The Chapter Entity stores specific information about each chapter. 

  1. Navigate to Membership > Chapters and in the ribbon, click New. If you just created a Chapter Type, you should return to an open new chapter record. 
  2. Fill out the Chapter Name and if you haven't already done so lookup to the chapter type.
  3. Add address information 
  4. Click Save. 
  5. Now you will have have access to create Sub-Chapters, Chapter Affiliations, and Chapter Officers for the Chapter you have created.

Create Chapter Officer Positions

In addition to charging for membership in Chapters, you may also want to allow certain contacts to have leadership positions for a Chapter. Only chapter members can become officers. The Chapter Officer Position entity specifies the type of position (President, Secretary, etc.) and the corresponding roles the position has. For example, President can edit chapter members on the portal, Treasurer can edit dues amount. 

  1. Navigate to Membership > Chapters >  Select the Chapter 
  2. At the top of the Chapter Officers Toolbar select the + sign.
  3. Fill out required and desired fields for Chapter Officer and Position. Click on the links for more information on these fields including entity definitions.

  4. Click Save.

Your Chapter setup is now complete!

Customer Experience

If Chapters are set up in your system, customers will have the option to join a Chapter when they apply for membership. If the Chapter has a Dues Product, members will be prompted to pay to join the Chapter.

When a Customer Joins a Chapter

The following processes occur automatically in CAMS when a customer joins a Chapter:

  1. A Chapter Affiliation record is created that links the customer's membership to the Chapter. 
  2. The order tied to the membership for the customer reflects the product set up for the fee to join a Chapter.
  3. When a customer renews membership, the expiration date on the Chapter Affiliation record is automatically updated. If the customer does not renew the Chapter Affiliation, after the expiration date passes the Chapter Affiliation record will become inactive.


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