Recurring Payment Setup

Cobalt CAMS offers the ability for customers to pay their dues in equal pieces over a period of time (for example, 12 monthly installments over the course of the customer's one year membership). The following article will walk you through the setup and use of this functionality. 


Recurring payment functionality is set up as part dues for a particular dues cycle. For more details on dues setup, click here. 

The first step in setting up recurring payment plans is to create the desired Recurring Payment Plan Options. The information stored on this record breaks the price for a Dues Option into equal parts to be charged over a designated course of time. Dues Options can be related to several Plan Options. These Plan Options are what a member would be able to choose if s/he chooses an application/renewal with that Dues Option.

To create a Recurring Payment Plan Option:

  1. Open the Dues Option for which you'd like to offer a recurring payment plan option. For more details on the Dues Option entity including field descriptions, click here.
  2. Click on Recurring Payment Plan Option and click New.
  3. Enter the desired configuration. For more details on the Recurring Payment Plan Option entity including field descriptions, click here.
  4. Click Save and Close. 

The payment plan will now be available to all members eligible for that Dues Option as part of their membership renewal process. To allow first-time members this option, simply link the Dues Option containing the Recurring Payment Plan Option to the Membership Application Fee. For more details on the Membership Application Fee entity including field descriptions, click here.

Customer Experience

Here is an example of how your setup would appear to your customers. Members can change the Credit Card/Billing information for their current Payment Profiles/Plans during the profile update process.


When a Member Selects a Recurring Payment Option

Several events occur automatically in CAMS when a customer selects a Recurring Payment Option:

  1. Recurring Payment Plan, Profile, and Charge records are created and attached to the Membership for the customer. 
  2. The member receives all membership benefits from the moment the membership application/renewal is completed, regardless of outstanding payments.
  3. The following Cron Jobs run to maintain the payment plan:
    • Check Recurring Charges - Checks the status of Scheduled Plan Charges on or before the execution time. Will automatically set the status to Succeeded/Failed and create the Payment and apply the Payment to the Order if applicable. The payment processor will recognize the time at which payment should be made.This Cron Job will check to see if the payment successfully went through. If the payment does not successfully go through, the system will make multiple attempts as configured on the properties of the payment processor in the Settings entity.

    • Process Ad Hoc Plan Charges - Processeses Pending Ad Hoc Plan Charges if the Scheduled Date is on or before the execution time.

    • Ensure Neverending Subscription Charges - For subscription-based recurring plans where the Profile/Plan is continuously charged until manually deactivated (Term = 0 on Payment Plan, or Number of Payments = 0 on Plan Option), this Cron Job ensures that Plan Charges are continuously available on the Payment Plans.


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