Add a Speaker to to a Meeting Activity

Meeting Activities are often used to allow people to register and/or preview sessions available during the meeting. In order to provide full information about the activity you can add a Meeting Activity Speaker record. This record will allow you to store information about one or more presenters for the sessions. You can record costs associated with hiring the speakers if applicable and store biography information to display on the portal so that people can learn more about the speakers.

For more details on the Speaker entity including field descriptions you can review the example below or, click here.

  1. You can access the Meeting Activity Speaker record from the Meeting Activity related records or through advanced find.
  2. Click +Add New Meeting Activity Speaker
  3. Fill out the fields in the Meeting Activity Speaker form . Those marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
  4. Biography should also be completed even if it is short, to make sure the portal displays all the speaker details correctly.
  5. Click Save or Save & Close.
  6. Repeat this process for all speakers associated with meeting activities.

Note that a contact can be associated with multiple activities as a person could be speaking more than once in a meeting. In the example below we are using the description field to note the other sessions this individual is speaking for since the description field is a place to make any internal notes about the speaker and or the session that you need.

The biography, contact name, and Activity name are what will display on the portal for customers to see.

You can add multiple speakers to the same activity.

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