Partial Refunds

The payment wizard makes partial payments simple if you want to refund a person for a specific product, which is often the case. However, there are times that you need to refund a specific amount not related to the price of the products. If a discount was not applied, or the wrong amount charged the steps below will allow you to adjust the order and apply the correct amount which will leave the remainder available for refunds.  

This can be done but requires a few trips through the wizard to make it work.

Step 1: Unapply the Payment and cancel the existing invoice
These steps are done in the Payment Wizard and will result in the payment record and order being activated.

Step 2: Adjust your order/orders.
Edit a product or products on your order to get the correct order amount. This will allow you to apply the amount you want to keep to the orders.

Step 3: Apply the Payment
Use the payment wizard to apply the correct amount to the order/orders.

Step 4: Refund the unapplied amount
Use the payment wizard to refund the amount remaining.



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