Unapply and Cancel Payment

If the payment is not valid and you need to remove it from the order/invoice and cancel the payment record then follow the steps below. *A cancellation nulls out the GL account entries as if the payment never existed. It does not refund or unapply the payment for future use.

Decide whether or not to cancel the invoices.

If you do not cancel the invoice the balance will remain on the contact's record until the invoice is paid. If payment will not be applied to this invoice in the future you can choose to cancel it here.

Select a Cancellation Fee (if applicable)

If you select a cancellation fee then a new order will be created.

Give a Reason for Canceling the Payment.

This reason will appear in the Notes section of the payment record for future reference. A reason must be provided to proceed.

Click Continue

Confirm Information and Submit

If the information appears correct click submit. If it does not click Back to make changes or Close to cancel the wizard.

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