When a Product is Purchased through the Online Store

When a product is purchased through the Online Store on the Portal, the following takes place in Cobalt CRM:

1. An Order for the Contact is automatically created for the products purchased. If the user completed payment, the status is Fulfilled: Paid . If not, the status is Active: New. 

*If the order is not fulfilled on the back end within 20 minutes, in most cases the system will rollback, or delete, it assuming that the person did not actually intend to follow through with the order. On some systems this can take as long as 24 hours. 

2. If a coupon was used, a coupon redemption is created.


For paid Orders:

  1. An Invoice is automatically generated with a status of Fulfilled: Paid.
  2. An Invoice Payment is created and applied to the invoice.
  3. Invoice Distribution Records linking products with payment will be created. 
  4. If a Credit was used, an Invoice Credit is created.
  5. GL Account Entries are created.
  6. A Batch Item is created with a status of Active: Not Posted.
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