Creating a Cobalt Form

The word Form can be confusing in the system. Microsoft CRM uses the word Form to refer to the way a page for a record is laid out and which fields are displayed on it. You can have multiple forms for a Contact record, for example, to view information in different ways and to even assign specific forms to different users so that they only see the information they need.

Cobalt uses the term Forms to refer to customized questions you can add to different wizards and even a contact profile update. Some common uses are to add additional questions to a meeting registration, or an application. Setting up these forms will take you through multiple records and may seem a bit confusing at first. However, the reason for so many records is to give you the most flexibility so that you don't need to get a developer involved when you want to add some information or questions to a process.

Below we will go over how to get to these Forms and the general set up steps. Other articles which are linked below will provide more detail on specific parts of the process.

Navigate to Cobalt Admin and Select Forms

From there you will see a list of all active Forms. Forms can be attached to multiple meetings or application types etc. So you can reuse them. However, if you want to make modifications to a previously used form we suggest creating a new form by clicking +New in the toolbar.

Give the Form a Name and a Description if you choose to.

Give the Form a Name and a Description if you choose to.

You must give the Form a Name which will help you identify it in the list of Active Forms you just saw. A description is optional.

Navigate to Pages and click +Add New Page

Give the Page a Name and a Sort Order

Give the Page a Name and a Sort Order

You may have a lot of information to ask for and to make it display well, you can have multiple pages. The Page name will give the page in your wizard/portal the heading at the top of the page. The sort order will tell the system what order to display the pages in if there are multiple pages. If you only have one you don't need to specify it as 1. If you don't care what order the pages display in you could also leave this blank, but most users like to have the pages display in the same order for all customers. Sort order allows you to set that.

Navigate to Sections and click +Add New Section

Set a Name and Sort order for your sections

Set a Name and Sort order for your sections

Sections allow you to organize content on a page into sections/categories. In my example I could have a section on Past Experience and then another section about Current Experience that appear on the same page. The decision to use multiple sections on a page and/or multiple pages will depend on the information you are trying to collect and what looks best to you and makes sense to customers.

Sections require a Name even if you only have one section. The Page should be automatically populated with the page it will display on. As with pages, you can set a sort order so that the display is the same for all customers, if you have multiple sections. If yo only have one you do not need to specify a sort order.

Navigate to Questions and select +Add New Question

Complete Fields and Save

The fields on the last few records are pretty simply and mostly focus on how the information will be organized. The question field gets into more detail and there are a lot of options. For more information on setting up a question types click here.


  • Name -- This is how the question will appear on the portal. So the name would be, for example, "How many trainings have you attended prior to this year?"
  • Type - Define the field type for question responses.
  • Section - This should automatically populate from the prior record with the section where the question will appear.
  • Sort Order - As with other sort order fields this allows you to put a uniform order to the questions. Not needed if you only have one.

Validation (click here for more about validation)

  • Required - If the person completing the form must answer the question keep this as Yes. If answering the question is optional change this to No.
  • Validation Message - If the question is required but someone does not complete it, this is where you can customize the message they see on the portal. The message appears in red and will continue to appear until the information is entered correclty.
  • Format (Regular Expression) - If you have a specific format requirement for the information you can put your code here.
  • Validation Message - This is where you can explain the required format, so this message will appear if a person enters information but it is not formatted correctly.

Navigate to Answers and select +Add New Answer

*Note that you may not need to create answer records. Answer records only need to be created for Option Sets and Two Options, and Multi-Select question types.

Complete Answer Fields and Save.

Complete Answer Fields and Save.
  • Display Value - This is what you will see in the wizard/portal.
  • Value - If you are mapping answers to a field in CRM you will need to get the numeric value from field record. If you are not mapping to a field in CRM you can have this be the same as the display value.
  • Question - This field will automatically populate from the question you started from.
  • Sort Order - You can select what order the answers appear in.
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