Edit Meeting Registration Wizard

On the portal customers have had the option to edit and/or cancel their meeting registrations in a wizard. This wizard is also available to staff on the backend for organizations using Cobalt 3.0 +

Open the Meeting Registration Record you want to Edit

Under More Commands Select Edit Meeting Registration

Click Submit when Finished Editing

Review Order Summary and Click Continue (or Back to change)

This will show amount owed and amount already paid. Or it will show amount to be refunded. Or it could show no change in the amount.

Click Payment Option (if payment due) and Enter Payment Details(if applicable)

Since this is the backend, you can select check or  credit card. If you select Check you will then need to process payment in the Payment wizard after closing the Edit Registration wizard. If you are paying by Credit card you will be prompted to enter payment information and then be able to close the wizard.

Note the payment in the Refund Details (if applicable) and go to Payment Record to complete the Refund Process

The edit meeting registration wizard will unapply the amount to be refunded, but it is up to staff to then go to the payment and use the Payment Wizard to refund either right to the Credit Card or through a Check. The regular payment wizard steps of refunding apply here.

* A task will be created so you can create a view to review meeting registration refunds to be processed in the payment wizard.

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