Alert records allow you to create notifications to appear in CRM and/or the Portal. They can be created and displayed for any entity, ordered based on priority, and utilize queries to make sure alerts appear on the correct records.  Alerts appear at the top of the record page in CRM and the top of the home page on the portal. Alerts can also be embedded as web elements.

2. Open an existing Alert or click +New to create a new one

3. Update or Enter information into required fields and additional fields as needed

  • Name - Internal name for the alert
  • Regarding Entity - Entity in CRM where the alert will display and/or where the query will start from
  • Begin Date - can be null or set to a date. If null, this is not validated; otherwise the begin date must be before today.
  • End date: can be null or set to a date. if null, this is not validated; otherwise the end date must be after today.
  • System Query - A link to the system generated Query. You cannot make updates here. Click View Query in the toolbar to update the query.
  • Display in CRM - Select Yes to show this alert in CRM. Select No if it should not be on the record in CRM.
  • Dsplay on Portal - Select Yes to show this alert on the Portal. Select No if this alert should not display on the portal.
  • Priority: can be low, medium or high. The control displays different icons for each.
  • Sort order: Display of multiple alerts will be sorted by priority, then sort order.
  • Description - Internal details about the alert.
  • Alert Text - Enter the text to display as part of the alert. ***NOTE: CRM cannot support html formatting so use plain text only for CRM alerts. The WYSIWYG editor is provided for alerts to be displayed on the Portal only. If you have an alert that should appear in both CRM and the portal and you want portal formatting, create two alert records with the same setting except for the alert text formatting.

4. Alert Priority Icons - High, Medium, Low

5. Create your Alert Web Element

If you would like to embed Alerts into your own website you can access Alerts in the web element designer once you have logged in. Note that if you are not logged in you will see an error message. If no alerts exist then the preview pane will show as blank. If you do have alerts then the element appears the same as you see in the portal screenshot above.

5.2. Log in on the portal login screen

5.3. Go to Profile Elements - Alerts

5.4. Copy the code from the Web Element Generator

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