How to setup and deploy Email Quick Campaigns

Quick Campaigns are part of the marketing section and are run from marketing lists. Click for more information on creating a Marketing List. The campaign can use an existing email template or you can generate an email within the campaign wizard. If you plan to use an email template you must create one before starting the quick campaign wizard. If you are going to create one for the campaign you can start the wizard and you will be prompted where to generate your email message.

Open the Marketing List and Click the More Commands Button to get to Create Quick Campaign

The wizard will prompt you to name your campaign.

Select your activity type (in this example email) and assign and owner.

If using a Template click Use template and select the template in the lookup field. If creating an email you can enter your text and subject here.

Confirm summary details and click Create

Because the functionality of the application does not give you the option to preview and/or test the email messaging blast prior to dissemination, you may want to test the email prior starting the Create Quick Campaign Wizard.

Once the emails have been sent to their respective parties, you can view real time data associated with the email messaging blast including how many emails were sent, which emails were rejected and more. For more information, go to the Marketing Module  Quick Campaigns  double click on the quick campaign in question, and view the results for your quick campaign.

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