Wordpress Site Configuration (Cobalt as IDP, WP as SP) (Cobalt Staff)

Once you've created a widget site, established a DNS entry for the site, and confirmed that the requester only wants to configure their WordPress site as the Service Provider in the SSO configuration (meaning that they do not have any existing configurations), you can take the following steps to configure their SSO.

1) Create Widget Site and SAML Identity Provider Service Configurations.

2) Confirm that the metadata URL works. Once a Widget site and a Widget Site Service Configuration have been successfully created, a metadata XML file can be accessed at a link like this:

https://[Widget Site URL]/Authentication/SAML2IDP/Metadata.ashx

This link should produce an XML file in a web browser that looks like this:

3) Send the Client the Widget Site URL, the Web Element Designer URL, and the metadata URL as well as instructions on plugin setup and CMS User Roles

The Web Element Designer URL structure can be found here

CMS User Role information can be found here

Instructions to send the user can be found here

 4) Receive client metadata and input client values into Service Configs


With the latest versions of Wordpress, version changes make it so that, while you can embed Cobalt Web Elements, they will not appear. This is due to the newer versions not being able to handle jQuery. Refer to this article for details on how to address that.

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